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Creating success in the long run for hardware startups

Leveraging external ressources is crucial for high tech hardware startups. Especially network is invaluable. This is why we have made network and constant challenges corner stones of Scion DTU’s accelerator program for hardware …

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Jakob Svagin, projektleder for Danish Tech Challenge

Hardware requires stamina

The road to success is paved with challenges. Network is essential in order for hardware startups to break through and breaking through requires stamina. The network, entrepreneurs have access to, is crucial for …

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Danish Tech Challenge, mentorer accelererer hardware startups

Hardware Startups fast tracked by mentors

Mentor teams are extremely valuable for hardware startups who face diverse challenges. Scion DTU’s team mentoring program is based on a mentoring model developed by the MIT Venture Mentoring Service program in Boston. As a hardware startup, you …

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Can Hardware Startups be Lean?

Do the Lean Startup principles developed in Silicon Valley’s software heavy environment also apply to European hardware startups? According to Erik Ries, author of The Lean Startup, a startup is an undertaking, the …

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