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Business model validation

Three simple ways to validate your business model

Product innovation is a difficult discipline. Naturally knowledge about a new business area is limited so the risk of commercial failure is high. For this reason it’s important to validate the business model for a new product as early …

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Mentor: partnerships are a key part of business development

Entrepreneur, advisor, and mentor Anja Hoffman—who advises both corporates and start-ups in the art of fruitful collaboration—believes it is important for all types of businesses to think in terms of partnerships. “With increasing …

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Test commercial feasibility first when starting up

To find product-market fit it’s crucial that you test your entire business model and not just the technical feasibility of you product. This was the message a few weeks ago when Jakob Svagin from Scion DTU and Andreas …

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Mentor teams accelerate high-tech ventures

During the past two years Scion DTU has developed the mentoring program Scion TeamMentoring in collaboration with the MIT Venture Mentoring Service (VMS MIT) in Boston. In Scion Team Mentoring +60 experienced business professionals have helped 37 …

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Open Innovation and strategic incentive management

Here’s why you should open up your innovation initiatives: An insignificant number of the world’s talents work within your company. Commodification creeps up on you and reduces margins. Customers expect you to improve. Change …

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A secret sauce for running Lean?

For a startup success is a matter of finding a plan that works before running out of resources. According to Ash Maurya, the author of ”Running Lean”, you do this by planning for …

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Lean re-invented, dette er Lean, This is Lean

Lean re-invented?

What are the fundamental and non-trivial principles of a Lean organization? Niklas Modig suggests that they are flow efficiency, just-in-time, ”Jidoka” and learning. Niklas shared his insights on these four principles at Implement …

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Pretotyping – a market testing hammer

Pretotyping is essentially about testing the initial appeal and actual usage of a potential new product by simulating its core experience with the smallest possible investment of time and money.The Pretotyping concept is …

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The discipline of Innovation

Innovation is a result of a marriage between creativity and discipline. To extract value from creativity you have to manage your  innovation initiatives in a skillful way. This is the message of the …

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