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3d Print at Scion DTU

Why 3D Printing matters

3D printing technology (also known as additive manufacturing technology) has come a long way and allow us to produce complex parts cheaply with unpreceded speed. The technology is widely used for prototyping when …

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Innovate in collaboration with technical researchers

We are good at creating startups in Denmark but we are behind when trying to get them to grow. The Confederation of Danish Industry (Dansk Industri) believes that we are investing too little …

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Open Innovation and strategic incentive management

Here’s why you should open up your innovation initiatives: An insignificant number of the world’s talents work within your company. Commodification creeps up on you and reduces margins. Customers expect you to improve. Change …

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The discipline of Innovation

Innovation is a result of a marriage between creativity and discipline. To extract value from creativity you have to manage your  innovation initiatives in a skillful way. This is the message of the …

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