Ny bog på gaden: How to Attract Investors

Investors are often looked upon as one homogeneous group of people with money ready to invest; however, this group is very diverse. In some ways, investors are like car buyers who seek common denominators in a car, such as the engine, wheels, brakes and seats, but the car they end up buying depends on personal preferences, needs and the money available.

For investors the common denominator is the good business case, the ‘engine, wheels, brakes, seats’ being a comprehensive business plan. However, which business case they will prefer in the end depends on their personal preference and financial capacity.

The book How to Attract Investors takes the reader into the minds of the investors, addressing many of the challenges connected to investor search and negotiation and living with investors as co-owners. Even the finest skills of the brightest entrepreneurs would not be complete without the knowledge of the investor’s mind. This is the book that unravels it, layer by layer.

“How to Attract Investors is extensive, very practical and truly hands-on, filling an important gap in entrepreneurship literature: a book that provides entrepreneurs with advice they can use and act on instantly.”

Marc-Michael Bergfeld
Professor of global entrepreneurship and family firms, Munich Business School, Germany
Managing director, CPG—Courage Partners Group, Germany

“An end-to-end approach to enticing and managing investors. Essential reading for entrepreneurs.”

John Straw
Serial entrepreneur and author of iDisrupted
Senior consultant at IBM IoT, McKinsey and
IDisruptive, London, UK

“This book is a valuable tool to evaluate where to use the limited resources in order to succeed with the challenging task of securing liquidity for future growth, while still staying in control.”

Steen Donner
CEO, Scion DTU

In a 40-year career, Uffe Bundgaard-Jørgensen has worked on investment matters around the globe, advising, amongst others, the World Bank, European Union, and Danish International Investment Fund, and as a member of the Board of numerous SMEs. Since 2000 he has been CEO of InvestorNet-Gate2Growth, in which time he has developed and conducted more than 150 ‘How to Attract Investors’ and ‘Horizon 2020 SME Instrument’ master classes throughout Europe. He has a Ph.D. in Economics and Operations Research from the Danish Technical University and University of Copenhagen, where he has also lectured in Economics for many years.